An Introduction to
ABLE Rule Processing

Deciding Whether ABLE Rules are
Right for Your Project


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ABLE Overview
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Simple Business Rules
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Data Analysis Rules
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Planning Rules
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Expert Systems
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Putting It All Together

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Welcome to
An Introduction to ABLE Rule Processing!

Do you know how to ...

  • Design software that captures a technicianís knowledge and can diagnose customer problems?
  • Implement an e-commerce site that offers specials to customers based on criteria specified and changed by the marketing department?
  • Create software that dynamically determines the sequence of actions needed to solve a problem?

While there are many solutions to these problems, rule-based software can solve them all.

The ABLE project (Agent Building and Learning Environment) from IBM Research provides you with the technology you need to developed rule-based software. And it can be downloaded from alphaWorks for free!

This course will get you started. You'll get enough of an introduction to ABLE rule-processing technology that you'll be able to decide whether you want to investigate it further as a possible technology solution for your projects.

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